Try the beta version of the new DaWanda messaging feature

To save your time, we have completely revised the messaging system. The new DaWanda messaging system is in beta and ready to test. Now, your messages will be summarised and displayed clearly in a chat view, to give you a better and faster overview – for both conversations as well as order messages.

We are not quite at the final destination for our messaging experience – we plan to implement more functionality and visual improvements!

How do I participate?

With one click you can be there! Just go to your DaWanda inbox and click on “Try beta of new messages“.

Important for you:

If you decide to join, all your existing messages will be kept. You decide for yourself if and when you change to the new view and you can always go back to the old view with one click. Just click on “Back to old view“.

What is not yet working, but being worked on:

– Attachments to your messages, such as Photos or PDF files

– The insertion of emojis in your message text :)

– The availability of the new view on mobile devices

– A search and filter function that makes it easier for you to find specific messages

We need your feedback!

Send us your impressions and experiences. Let us know how easy or difficult the change to the new messaging system was for you, what you like, any features you lack, and any problems that may appear. All feedback helps us to develop the best possible messaging system for you as a DaWanda user.

Only when the new messaging system has all functions fully tested and implemented, will we consider a shutdown of the old system – no need to worry; we will keep you extensively updated in regards to the transfer from old to new when the time comes, and you definitely still have time to get used to the new messaging system.

We look forward to your participation and feedback via email (to:

We hope you have lots of fun testing things out!

Your Team DaWanda

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