Personalising your DaWanda shop – 5 ways to make your brand stand out

DaWanda is a particularly personal marketplace. People do not purchase anonymous mass-produced goods here, but are in direct contact with the designers or creators of their handmade products. Buyers are particularly interested in the origins of the products. Who made it? Where and how was it produced? What does the creator look like?

Personalising your shop creates confidence in you as a seller and in the quality of the products you make, which contributes to the excellent and unforgettable customer service you may deliver to the buyers.

You can create a shopping environment that captures your company’s personality and gives you instant credibility with buyers by using DaWanda’s easy-to-use tools.

 Tell and sell your story

People want to buy your story when they buy your product. Tell it to them and deliver a unique buying experience.

In your shop profile you should briefly explain what kind of products you offer, how you make them, or whether you follow a certain philosophy. Is there something special or unique that characterises your shop?

Write about your brand in your shop profile, while in your personal profile you should write your name, some interesting information about yourself, and where you get your inspiration from. Tell your customers what got you started and how you got to where you are now. This creates confidence in you as a seller and in the quality of the products you make.

Don’t forget to upload a good profile photo, as this creates greater confidence and personalises the purchase for your customers. You are a stranger to most of your buyers, especially if you have not yet sold many products nor received any feedback.

❤  Personalise a confirmation message to the buyer

The confirmation message to the buyer is a short note you can include in the DaWanda order confirmation email that your buyers receive after making the order.

Use your message to thank your customer for their purchase and inform them about shipping practices, or provide them with any other information of your choosing. Try to make the message as personal as possible.

Buyers relate to personal and unique messages more than to a generic one. Create a shopfront that people will remember and relate to!

To set it up, go to My DaWanda > Automatic order message.

❤  Give flyers, business cards, and more

Include a small flyer or business card in your package that includes your username or shop name, and the address of your DaWanda shop. Adding them to your orders will help your buyers easily remember your shop, and if you include two, they can keep one for themselves and give the other to a friend when they ask where they bought their great items!

Give a little something extra to your buyer. This could be a small extra item or a handwritten note from you.

❤ Wrap the item nicely

Lovingly pack your order! This will leave a lasting impression with your buyers that your products are even more valuable. There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest or YouTube if you’d like to get inspired. You can also use the offer from our partner our partner, SelfPackaging, and order a special or custom packaging with the 20% off code for DaWanda users. Go to the SelfPackaging site and enter the -20% code: DAWANDA_SP.

❤ Show off your best listings

You can create your own shop window from a selection of up to 16 products. You can create a shop aesthetic that is adapted to the style of your products and shop by writing an inviting title, and selecting the color of the background for your window. All of the products in your shop window still appear as normal in your shop, so they are not lost when customers are looking through your categories. To set it up go here.


As a quick response is essential in optimising the online sales process, develop a habit of checking your email and DaWanda inbox regularly.

If you want to get notifications of your DaWanda messages to your own email, please mark it in the “Notification Settings” section in your profile’s editor.

We have also developed a new feature: an email address for every order. Emails sent to this address will be converted into a comment for the order and will be visible to buyers and sellers. With this email address, you can send comments to orders without having to log in to DaWanda. To learn more, go here.


We wish you successful selling on DaWanda!

Your Team DaWanda

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