Increase customer loyalty through packaging

Packaging is an important tool with which to improve your customer retention. Customers often buy presents on DaWanda – for friends, family, or themselves. This means your product is highly anticipated by them! When the delivery reaches the customer, the parcel is often the first physical contact the customer has with your brand. This is why you should consider how you want your brand to be perceived in this critical moment. Stability and transport safety is most important, of course, but brand-specific packaging creates valuable brand recognition and reminds the buyer who created the awesome product they just received.

How much effort you put into packaging should also depend on your target audience. For upscale products targeting a demanding audience, you should definitely pay a little more attention to detail.

But also for low-priced products, a small budget for packaging can go a long way. If you don’t want to invest in personalised shipping boxes, you can wrap the product itself nicely and add a personalised greeting card, with which you can thank the buyer for the purchase and wish them a lot of enjoyment with the product. A wrapped product appears to be of higher quality and creates associations to unwrapping a gift, thereby creating a positive emotional experience.

Tips for your packaging:

❤ Use parcels customised for you brand, featuring your logo and shop name. 

❤ Design your parcels with fitting colours, patterns, or materials that set them apart from the rest. 

❤ A clearly recognizable opening direction or opening aid minimizes frustration while opening the package.

❤ Use aesthetically pleasing materials for padding to increase the overall impression of the parcel.

❤ Present your products in the parcel in an appealing way, e.g. by wrapping them in paper, using a jewelry sack or using smaller boxes with a friendly message for each product.

❤ Add a personal note asking the buyer to rate the purchase or maybe even add a discount voucher for the next purchase.

In case you want to look into individualized packaging, we can recommend our partner There you can purchase lots of different packaging solutions customised with your logo or text of choice. DaWanda sellers receive a 20% discount on their orders! Just enter the code: DAWANDA_SP and see how the behaviour of your customers changes with the improved packaging!

We wish you successful selling on DaWanda!

Your Team DaWanda

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